Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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Results for June 2010
We had another good meeting at Brands Hatch in June, admittedly consisting of mostly 'other breeds', which we are always delighted to see and they all ran really well.
We were especially delighted to welcome four gorgeous Silken Windhounds, apparently there are so far only fifteen of this delightful breed in the country so far, and having read about them some time ago, it was lovely to actually meet some of them.  They loved the racing, Fire being the fastest for the bitches over 260m in a time of 21.89, and Blake the fastest dog in 24.25.
Our faithful Pharaoh Hounds all ran well, the fastest being Florrie Reeve in a time of 23.25, while Lottie was the fastest over 660m in a time of 64.
In the Whippets, Lara and Olga Ward were joined today by Jools Parker, and Lara recorded the fastest time over 260m of 20.57.
Fastest 260m Saluki was Jade Gardiner in 21.69, lurcher was Alfie Gardiner in 26.44, and the tireless lurcher Dexter Gardiner was fastest 660m lurcher in 51.86.
On to the Afghan times, the fastest yellow dog was the ever consistent Hak Wickens in 25.51, yellow bitch, really getting the hang of it now was Tanzie Mills in 27.42.  Fastest blue dog (thank you Uncle Bill) was Judah Murphy in 25.69, blue bitch the very enthusiastic Tula Mugford in 25.58.  Red dog and fastest time of the day went to Sylvester Gardiner in 24.54, just outside a pink time.  Tula was the fastest bitch of the day.
It was good to see Morgan Brown again for the first time this season with owner Yvonne now looking so well.  He managed two very creditable blue times.
There was only one middle distance run today and that was Mystique Humphreys in a time of 41.56.
Thank you to everyone who came, and we hope to see you all again at our next meeting on the first Sunday in July.