Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Photos 2011
Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Photos Aug1
We had another well attended meeting at Brands Hatch at the beginning of August, mostly, it has to be said, swelled by the numbers of 'other breeds' who are so welcome, and it is always interesting to watch them race all having a slightly different style.

There were three new Salukis in attendance, Jed, Rufus and Flynn, the fastest of these over 260m being Rufus in 23.72, but the fastest Saluki overall was our own regular Jade Gardiner in 22.32.  Two new Whippets, Giemo and Monty Kitney also enjoyed their day, plus Lara , Meg and Olga Ward, the fastest Whippet overall being the very speedy Lara in 20.54.  Also we welcomed two new Pharoah Hounds, in addition to the regulars of Graham Reeve’s, these being Ernie Hatcher and Phenix Kitney, Phenix being the slightly faster of the two over 260m.
Over 660m, Graham's Pharoah, Florrie took the fastest time in 63.07.
The very attractive Silken Windhounds all ran excellent 260m races, the fastest of these being Fira in 22.06.
Our own regular lurcher, Dexter Gardiner was the fastest 660m overall in 52.66.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Zooma Hollyer, a Whippet/Greyhound cross ran 460m in an astonishing 30.75 seconds

On to the Afghan results.  Fastest yellow dog was Morgan Brown in 27.06, narrowly defeating Charlie Brown.  Morgan later speeded up to achieve two blue times.  Fastest blue dog was Kazhar Willeringhaus in 25.61, bitch Jameela Barr in 25.59.
Fastest red dog was Sylvester Gardiner in 24.82, making it a very successful day for Mick and Gloria, bitch Mystique Humphreys in 24.02.
Pink dog and fastest short distance dog was Axel Odell in 23.63, pink bitch and fastest overall Kira Odell in 23.02, just outside her normal purple time.
Only one 460 race was run today by Willow and Mystique Humphreys with Mystique taking the honours in a gold time of 40.06. It was good to welcome back Julie Baxter with Archie and Oscar, we know how frustrating a fast dog like Archie can be, but at least he had a lovely run and enjoyed himself.  Also so good to see Hazel and Peter Stringer again with Callie, after a short break, and we were so grateful for all their help.

Our next meeting is on the last Sunday in August, this will be our penultimate meeting there being no September meeting.  We hope to see everyone there.
Brands Hatch Individual Results.
260 metres unless stated.

Afghan Hounds.
Tanzie Mills; 34.22, 32.50
Heli Mills; 38.66, 32.76
Morgan Brown; 27.06, 25.91, 26.47
Charlie Brown; 27.47, 27.78
Kazhar Willeringhaus; 25.61, 24.84
Oscar Baxter; 26.38
Jude Murphy; 26.10, 25.77, 26.77
Sylvester GArdiner; 25.28, 24.94, 24.82
Smoke Fincham; 25.24
Axel Odell; 23.63
Indi Odell; 26.31
Willow Humphreys; 26.07 + 460m 43.69
Mystique Humphreys; 24.02, 24.29 + 460m 40.06
Kira Odell; 23.02
Jameela Barr ; 25.88, 25.59, 25.50


Other Breeds
Pharoah Hounds
Ernie Hatcher; 25.39
Phenix Kitney; 24.22
Kermit Reeve; 64.59 -660m
Florrie Reeve; 63.07-660m
Lottie Reeve; 70.34-660m
Jade Gardiner; 22.53, 22.32
Flynn; 27.20, 22.35
Jed; 24.88, 24.13
Rufus; 23.72, 23.84
Silken Windhounds
Diva Grist; 24.83
Fira Grist; 22.06, 22.75
Blake Grist; 25.06
Giemo Kitney. 29.78
Monty Kitney; 30.34
Lara WArd; 20.54, 20.58
Meg Ward; 27.97, 26.10
Olga Ward; (Borzoi) 24.30, 21.72
ay Grist (Borzoi) 24.88, 25.69

Alfie Gardiner(Lurcher); 25.53

Zooma Hollyer (Whippet/Greyhound) 30.75 - 460m

Dexter GArdiner (Lurcher) 660m; 56.63, 53.44, 52.66