Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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Our meeting at Brands Hatch at the end of August was better attended than expected, as it clashed with the Bank Holiday, and, once again, we were lucky enough to enjoy good weather, apart from one downpour, when we took the mid afternoon break a little early!

Once again we had many other breeds attending, to whom we are very grateful, as they enable us to carry on.  Maybe we should rename it 'Sighthound Racing' instead of Afghan racing.

We welcomed two new Whippets. Del and Trig Shakespeare, the faster of whom was Trig in a time of 19.62 over 260m.  Their housemate, Rana the Saluki was the fastest Saluki of the day in 20.94.
Flynn, Jed and Rufus Fitzgerald, Salukis also raced really well as did our own regular Jade Gardiner.  Two new Greyhounds today, Rosie Odell who was the faster over 260m in 18.94, and Janice Odell who won the 460m contest in 30.45.
The lovely Silken Windhounds really enjoy their racing and once again, the fastest was Fira Grist in 22.03 over 260m  Last but certainly never least, our own lovely lurcher, Dexter Gardiner did his usual stunning 660m races, his fastest one being a time of 53.56.

Now on to the Afghan results.  First of all, a special mention for Shah Parsons, who, after his horrific accident last year, is back en joying his racing on his own, and did two amazing blue times of 26.69 and 26.59, even carrying all that metal in his leg!
Fastest green dog was Harvey Gardiner in 28.84, bitch Neffy Wickens in 28.25.  Yellow dog was once again Hack Wickens in a very speedy 24.03, bitch Poppy Care in 27.44.
Blue dog was Judah Murphy in 25.61, bitch his running mate Tula Mugford in 25.76  Red dog and fastest dog of the day was Sylvester Gardiner in 24.36, and fastest bitch and fastest overall was Kira Odell in 24.
Over 460m, Kira took silver and gold in 41.16 and 39.10.  Smoke Fincham was bronze dog in 43.13.

Thank you all for supporting us.  Our final meeting of the season will be on the first Sunday in October, and we hope to see everyone there.
Results in full August 29th 2010

Afghans 260m unless otherwise stated.
Hak Wickens; 25.34, 24.03, 24.70
Neffy Wickens; 29, 28.44, 28.25
HArvey Gardiner; 28.84
Sylvester Gardiner; 24.36, 24.82
Poppy Care; 27.44, 27.45, 26.98
Tula Mugford; 26.28, 25.76, 25.82, 26.
Oscar Baxter; 26.83
Kazhar Willeringhaus; 25.88, 25.84, 25
Smoke Fincham; 25.48 also 460m 43.13
Jude Murphy; 25.88, 25.72, 25.61
Shah Parsons; 26.69, 26.59
Kira Odell; 24, also 460m 41.16, 39.10

Del Shakespeare; 21.33, 22.13
Trig Shakespeare; 19.62, 20.51

Rana Shakespeare; 22.31, 20.94
Flynn Fitzgerald; 21.56, 22.20
Jed Fitzgerald; 24, 24.38
Rufus Fitzgerald; 23.33' 23.26
Jade Gardiner; 22.97, 21.92, 22.28
Silken Windhounds.
Blake Grist; 27.09, 25.50
Cessy Grist; 25.06, 25.13
Lily Grist; 25, 24.84
Fira Grist; 22.72, 22.03
Rosie Odell; 18.94 also 460m 34.97
Janice Odell; 20.25 also 460m 30.45
Dexter Gardiner 660m; 63.07, 53.56, 54.45