Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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October 24th 2010
Our last meeting, put in  as an extra, at Brands Hatch was very successful on a bright but cold day, in contrast to the one at the beginning of the month, which had to be abandoned due to rain, although Terry very kindly gave trials to those foolhardy enough to turn up, so not a wholly wasted journey for them.
Starting once again with the 'other breeds', who we are so pleased to welcome.  In Salukis, Jade Gardiner and Flynn Fitgerald did an identical time of 221.77 over 260m, these being the fastest two on the day.  Whippet, Olga Ward was the fastest of her family, achieving 20.20 over 260m and then doing 660m in a very creditable 52.56.
Florrie, Pharoah Hound, Reeve did the fastest 660m for her breed in 59.25, closely pursued by Ella Waters in 59.27, almost a photo finish.  Florrie was also the fastest 260m Pharoah of the day in 24.03.
Mick and Gloria Gardiner's new addition, a gorgeous rescue lurcher, Summer, really enjoyed her first race meeting and was the fastest lurcher over 260m in 21.70.  Their very handsome Dexter, the 660m lurcher king, was too impatient to chase round the track today, preferring to cut across, hopefully next season he'll stay on the track again.
Finally for the other breeds, fastest Greyhound was the recently retired Lainy Odell in an amazing 18.09 over 260m.
On to the Afghan results, fastest green dog was Ozzy Parsons in his first grown up race in a time of 24.13, green bitch was Neffy Wickens in 28.16.  Fastest yellow dog was the consistent Hack Wickens in 24.61, no bitch.  Fastest blue dog was Jude Murphy in 25.88, bitch Indi Odell in 25.70.  Red dog was Sylvester Gardiner in 24.91, bitch the verteran Lizzie Odell in 24.19.  Fastest pink dog and fastest 260m of the day was Axel Odell in 23.82, bitch Mystique Humphreys in 23.90.
Only one 460m race run today and Tula Mugford took bronze bitch in a time of 42.75, after which she and running mate Jude did a further four laps.  I must apologise for my dog's behaviour when they were finally caught, but it just proves how attractive Tula is!
Over 660m Axel Odell took the fastest time on 60, followed by his sister Kira in 61.
As it was the final meeting of the season we ran the Panzor Shield race today, which was won in a close race by Tula Mugford, with Jude Murphy second followed by Kazhar Willeringhaus and Cartier Vandermolen.
In the interval, Andrea very kindly demonstrated Cartier's dance movements to us, what a multi-talented boy he is and good looking too!
We should like to thank all who have supported us this season, we hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as we have.  Next year's dates will be advertised on our website,
Results October 24th 2010
Pharoah Hounds
Kermit Reeve 63 (660m)
Florrie Reeve 59.25 (660) 24.03(260)
Ella Waters 59.27(660) 59.50

Lainy Odell 18.09, 18.36 (260)

Olga Ward 20.20(260) 52.56(660)
Mag Ward 27.70(260)
Lara Ward 21.03 (260)
Jasmine Way 26.67(260)
Isaac Way 27.31(260)
Callum Way 22.67(260)

Summer GArdiner 23.13, 23.32, 21.70 (260)

Jade Gardiner 21.77, 23.38(260)
Flynn Fitzgerald 22.41, 21.25, 21.77 (260)
Jed Fitzgerald 24.16, 23.51 (260)
Rufus Fitzgerald 23.44, 22.88(260)

Afghan Hounds (all 260 unless stated otherwise)
Neffy Wickens 28.16
Hack Wickens 24.14, 24.61
Morgan Brown 27.45, 27.14
Ozzy Parsons 24.13
Shah Parsons 26.03, 27.20
Sylvester Gardiner 26.13, 24.91
Indi Odell 25.70
Judah Murphy 25.88, 25.28
Kazhar Willeringhaus 26.25
Cartier Vandermolen 26.15.
Harvey Gardiner 30.41, 29.91
Heli Mills 33.09, 32.13
Ritchie Murphy 25.33, 25.90
Tula Mugford 24.62, 25.25, 42.75(460)
Lizzie Odell 25.15, 24.19
Willow Humphreys 24.73, 24.66
Kira Odell 25.05 61 (660)
Axel Odell 23.82 60(660)
Mystique Humphreys 23.90