Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Photos May 2011
Results for April 17th 2011

We had a packed first meeting of the season today at Brands Hatch on an absolutely beautiful sunny and warm day.

Unfortunately, we had put everything away in October and not looked at it until today, whereupon we found that the stop watch battery had run out, so Terry very kindly lent Tony one of his which timed only the first dog, so if your dog didn’t win today, he didn’t get timed – sorry about that, all will be sorted out for the next meeting!.

Therefore the times given below are all for race winners only.  Fastest green dog was Blaze Gosling here for his first grown up race in a time of 27.67.  Fraggle Hampton also won his race in a time of 27.72, so very close.  Fastest green bitch was Margot Odell in 25.16.  Poppy Delifici also qualified green in a time of 28.37. Blaze then went on to take fastest yellow dog in 26.66, yellow bitch was Margot in 25.78, another Odell star in the making..  Fastest blue dog was Alfie King in 25.61, no bitch.  Red dog was Judah Murphy in 25.06, bitch Mystique Humphreys in 24.31.  Fastest pink dog and fastest short distance of the day was Ozzy Parsons in 23.13.
Only one 460m was run today and this was won by Ozzy in a time of 40.67.
Fastest veteran was the amazing Shah Parsons in 25.19.

On to the other breeds, today we had a great number of Basenjis which was lovely as we haven’t seen too many of them recently, also a number of Salukis and our beautiful Silken Windhounds returned.   Fira Grist was the fastest Windhound doing two times of 22.34 and 23.41, closely followed by Lily.
Eddie Cooley was the fastest Basenji in 29.62, Borzoi was Stanley Grist in 25.88..
Fastest Saluki was Lily Leader in 21.71, Pharoah Hound was Zaida Svaldemy in 26.72 and last but certainly not least the lovely lurcher Barney Borrell did an excellent 21.60.
Our grateful thanks to Bob Parsons for a sterling job on the calling out and to Dennis Mugford on his excellent raffle sales, much appreciated.

Our next meeting is on Sunday 8th May, by which time we promise to have a new battery in the stop watch.  Hope to see everyone then.