Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Photos May 2011
Results for May 8 th 2011

We had another lovely day, if somewhat windy, for our second Brands Hatch meeting, with again a good crowd, although with several new people since last time.

To start with the ‘other breeds’, whose support is invaluable, of the four Basenjis who really love their racing, Jake and Della Rowland and Eddie and Zani Cooley, the fastest of these was Jake inn a time of 25.75.   Lara Ward was once again the fastest Whippet in 21.19, although Meg puts up a really good show.  Fastest Saluki was Kia Hurd in 22.31, much better when she runs alone so she can concentrate!  

Lottie Reeve was the fastest Pharoah Hound in 25.77; Florrie having backed out of her collar zooming off without even the lure to chase. Tessie Reeve also had her first run and went all the way round not far behind her mother.

Fira Grist topped the beautiful Silken Windhounds in a time of 22.81, although Lily is catching her up in a very close time of 23.11.
Fastest Borzoi, how lovely they look in full flight was Solar Grist in 24.66.

Last but not least ‘spotty dog’ Alfie Parker did an Afghan pink time of 23.28.

This leads us nicely into the Afghan results where Alfie’s housemate Mac the Afghan took fastest green and yellow dog in times of 24.98 and 25.94, these two certainly loved their afternoon.
Khyra King was fastest yellow bitch in 27.16, and keeping it in the family, Alfie King was fastest blue dog in 25.80.  Blue bitch was Roxy Humphreys inn 25.83.

Red dog was Rafe Odell, on only his second outing, in 24.97, bitch Mystique Humphreys in 24.06.  Pink dog and fastest short distance of the day was Axel Odell in 23.13, bitch his sister Kira in 23.36.
Over 460m, silver bitch was Mystique in 40.66, gold bitch Kira in 39.68, and fastest long distance of the day in a platinum time of 37.81 was Ozzy Parsons.

Fastest veteran dog was Shah Parsons in an incredible 25.78, faster than many of the younger dogs, and fastest vintage Mia Gosling in 30.41.

Thank you all for your continuing support and we look forward to our next meeting on the first Sunday of June.