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Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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April 2010 Results
We had an excellent start to the 2010 season at our April meeting, very well attended and a lovely sunny, if cold, day.
We welcomed many other breeds this time, Rosie the Greyhound who covered 260m in a time of 23.55,  the ever speedy lurcher Dexter Gardiner who completed his three 660m races, the fastest of these being 52.59,  and also new lurcher Snoopy Parker who achieved a very impressive 19.66 over 260m.
Graham Reeve came with his gorgeous Pharoah Hounds and Beagles.  The fastest of the Pharoahs was Florrie over 260m in a time of 23.79 and Kurti did an impressive 660m run.
Our regular Saluki, Jade Gardiner was the fastest of her breed over 260m in a time of 23 seconds, and collie cross Eve Austen showed Afghans Archie and Oscar Baxter the way round in a time of 25.63.
On to the Afghan results, it was great to welcome Ray Brown and  Sue Lee all the way from Northampton with Charlie, Finnegan, Alfie and new pup Polo.  Charlie took the fastest green dog in a time of 28.53.  The fastest green bitch was Tula Mugford, her first time racing, and did she enjoy it!  She speeded up to take fastest yellow bitch also in a time of 24.77.  Fastest yellow dog was Hak Wickens in 25.22 they promise to try Hak and Niffy through the traps next meeting, not an easy step as we are finding out for ourselves.  
One who has mastered the art of trapping is Cartier Vandermolen, and he achieved fastest blue dog in a time of 25.59, as has Poppy Care who was fastest blue bitch  in 26.22.
Red dog and fastest dog of the day over short distance was Sylvester Gardiner in 24.66, red bitch Jameela Barr in 24.69.  Pink and purple bitch was Kira Odell, with the fastest time of the day in 22.81.
Only a few 460ms were run today, willow Humphreys was fastest silver bitch in 41.41, Mystique was fastest gold bitch and fastest midddle distance of the day in 38.91.
Our thanks to all who attended and helped to make it such an enjoyable meeting, our next meeting will be on Sunday 9th May, and we hope to see you all there.