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Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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Results for 9th May 2010

We had another well attended meeting at Brands Hatch for our May meeting, on a sunny if very cold day.  
We once again had a fair number of 'other breeds', it's always nice to see them.  Our faithful lurcher the very handsome Dexter Gardiner was once again the fastest 660m in a time of 51.34.  Jade Gardiner was the fastest 260m Saluki in 22.31 and Alfie Gardiner fastest 260m lurcher in 23.81...
Graham Reeve came with his lovely Pharaoh Hounds, the fastest over 260m was Florrie, and the 660m which they really enjoyed, was won by Florrie.
We also welcomed two Whippets, Lara and Megan Ward, Lara being the faster of the two over 260m in 20.63.
On to the Afghans, fastest green dog was Oscar Baxter in 28.09, bitch Mia Gosling in 28.75.  Yellow dog was once again Hak Wickens in a very creditable 24.78, bitch Tanzie Mills in 26.75.  Blue dog was Sylvester Gardiner in 25.55, bitch Indi Odell in 26.50.
Fastest red dog and fastest dog time of the day was Morse Odell in 24.53, red bitch was Lizzie Odell in 24.27.  There were no pink qualifiers, but Kira Odell did a purple time of 22.78, giving her the fastest short distance time of the day.
The lovely Felix Odell was the fastest vintage of the day in 29 seconds.  No middle distances were run today, but Morse did 63 seconds over 660m, beaten only by Kira who did 57.88
Our next meeting will be on Sunday 13th June, and we look forward to seeing you all then.