Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
20th May 2012

We did not have such a busy meeting at Brands Hatch in May, nevertheless there was some excellent racing and it was a most enjoyable afternoon, actually without any rain!

Not quite as many ‘other breeds’, but Whippet Stanley Anderson was back with some amazing times, the fastest being 20.32.  His friends, lurchers Flint and Willow Turner came with him, Willow being the faster of the two, only just, in a time of 20.09.
Nellie Rason another lurcher and her owner whom we have  known since Henlow days came and Nellie, on her first try, enjoyed herself and achieved a time of 26.75.  Kaia Herd, our regular Saluki friend did her usual fast times, the quickest being 19.72.

Of the Afghans, Ozzy Parsons took the fastest triple distance in some amazing times of 22.09, 37.41 and 56.66.
Fastest yellow was a double for the Kings, Alfie taking the dog time in 27.33 (he also qualified in blue later one) and Kyra the fastest bitch in 27.81..  Fastest blue dog was Kazhar Willeringhaus in 25.97, bitch Tula Mugford in 26.30.  A special mention here for Bruja Higgs, who attempted the traps this time, took to them with ease and did two  very creditable blue times.
Fastest red dog was Ritchie Murphy I n 24.45, and he also took pink in 23.41 (funny what he can do when trying to catch Ozzy)!  Fastest pink bitch was his sister, Margot Odell in 23.40.
Fastest purple was Ozzy in the aforementioned 22.09, bitch Kira Odell in 22.95.
Kira was also the fastest gold bitch in 39.44, she also achieved a platinum time of 38.50.  Fastest vintage was the incredible  Shah Parsons in 26.42.
Thank you to all who supported us, our next meeting will be on June 17th and we look forward to seeing everyone then.

May 2012 Results

Nellie Rason 26.75
Flint Turner 20.69, 21.64
Willow Turner 20.09, 21.66

Stanley Anderson 20.32, 21.64

Kaia Herd. 19.72, 19.91 21.59

Ozzy Parsons 56.66, 37.41,22..09
Shah Parsons 26.42, 27.97
Axel Odell 59.66,23.51, 22.21
Kira Odell 39.44, 38.50,22.95
Raef Odell 24.78, 25.13, 26.56
Margot Odell 23.40
Bruja Higgs 26.94, 26.71
Tula Mugford 26.30. 29.31
Kazhar Willeringhaus 25.97, 26.09
Kyra King 27.81, 29.56
Alfie King 27.33, 26.03
Ziggy King 29.84, 26.88
Logan Hano 25.98
Smoke Fincham 26.23, 26.34, 26.13
Misk Fincham 31.07, 31.03
Judah Murphy 27, 26.19, 26.01
Ritchie Murphy 25.94, 24.45, 23.41
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