Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Brands Hatch Afghan Racing

15th April 2012

We had an excellent attendance for our first meeting of the season at Brands Hatch, the Afghans for once outnumbering the other hounds, and, apart from one short but very sharp shower, when we took our ‘natural break’, the weather was good to us.

Of the ‘other breeds’, fastest Saluki was Kaia Herd in 19.88, fastest Pharoah Hound Tessie Reeve in 22.97, although Fenix Thompson was close behind in 23.55.  Fastest lurcher was Barney Borrell in 20.66.

Stanley Anderson, a very fast Whippet came for the first time and did an amazing time of 20.38.  

The lovely Podenco Canarias were back with us today, with Rossetti Lawrence doing the fastest time in 23.96, also good times from her house mate Dante and newcomer Abrilla Miles.  We also welcomed a Podenco Ibizan, Bonnie Madgwick who soon got the hang of it.

On to the Afghans, fastest green dog was our faithful Morgan Brown in 28.22, fastest green bitch, another newcomer, this one from Mexico, Bruja Higgs in 28.48.  
Yellow dog was Smoke Fincham in 27.44, bitch Izzy Defelice in 27.11.

For blue dog, it was good to welcome back Cartier Vandermolen who took the fastest time in 25.61, fastest blue bitch wasBlaize Gosling in 25.53.

Fastest red dog was Kazbeck Shaverneva with his very attractive haircut.  Not sure if Kazbeck is a veteran or vintage, but, whatever it was an amazing time of 24.81.
Fastest red bitch and fastest bitch time of the day was Tula Mugford in 24.98

Fastest purple dog and fastest short distance of the day was Ozyy Parsons in 22.61.

Best vintage was Mia Gosling on 30.79.

Not many 460s run today.  Ozzy Parsons was the fastest in 37.48, and Ritchie Murphy was fastest bronze in 44.

Over 660m, again Ozzy was the fastest in 56.19, thus triumphing in all three distances.

We should like to thank everyone who came to help make it an enjoyable day and hope to see you all again on May 20th

Our June meeting has now been put back for one week
from June 10th to June 17th.

Thank you from us to Hazel and Peter for your invaluable help, and to Hazel for Taeus’ birthday present (he shared it with his brothers at home)!

Brands Hatch April 2012
Afghans (260m unless stated)
Morgan Brown 29.48, 28.22
Bruja Higgs 28.48, 27.88
Smoke Fincham 27.44, 26.83, 26.51 26.03
Misk Fincham 31.75
Poppy Care 28, 28.26
Izzy Defelice 27.56, 27.11
Poppy Defelice 35.03, 47.92(460) 68.57(660)
Jai Gosling 35.03,25.33
Blaize Gosling 26.13, 25.53
Mia Gosling30.79
Cartier Vandermolen 65.88(660) 25.61
Kazbeck Shaverneva 25.03, 24.81  62.70(660)
Logan Hand 26.77, 26.56
Alfie King 26.28, 25.66, 25.88
Ziggy King 26.38,26.34
Tula Mugford 24.98, 26.02, 25.74
Raef Odell 25.09, 63.22(660)
Judah Murphy 26.55, 26.46, 26.47
Ritchie Murphy 44(460)
Ozzy Parsons 22.61, 37.48(460) 56.19(660)
Shah Parsons 26.66, 25.88
Kaia Herd 19.88, 20.38, 20.38

Stanley Anderson 20.72, 21.55
Podenco Canaria
Rossetti Lawrence 23.98, 25.09
Dante Lawrence 26.59
Abrilla Miles 25.09, 24.30

Podenco Ibizan
Bonnie Madgwick 28.16, 32.44

Barney Borrell 20.66

Pharoah Hounds
Tessie Reeve 22.97
Fenix Thompson 23.55
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