Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
Brands Hatch Afghan Racing
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2012 Meetings

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An explanation of the results - the colours

The colour grading system was invented back in the seventies and the times vary somewhat from track to track . We tended to take the time of an average hound running in blue grade and work from there.

As far as our grades go, green and yellow are for novice hounds that do not yet go in the traps.

The other grades are out of the traps and done on times. i.e. blue is for 27 seconds or under, red for 25.50 or under and pink for 24 seconds or under. Purple is the fastest short distance grade, not achieved by many and is 23 seconds or under.

Over the 460m races, these are all trapped, bronze is 44 seconds or under, silver 42 secs or under, gold 40.50 or under, and the fastest, again not achieved by many is platinum in 38.50 or under.

Our 660m distance has only one qualifying time of 65 seconds.

This all applies only to the afghans, as, obviously, with other breeds, it is very hard to judge their speeds, some are slower naturally than afghans, some faster.
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